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David Lee Roth and Van Halen
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David Lee Roth has once again decided to be a part of his old band, Van Halen, with whom he had begun his journey as a singer and a rock star. The news was confirmed by Van Halen in their official website.  The black and white video posted on the site, showed Van Halen, along with his son, Wolfgang, the band’s bassist and his brother, Alex,  performing on the famous Panama song along with Roth.  The songs played in the video dates back to the band’s first and most successful album “1984”, which was released on Dec 1983.

David always had a very strained relationship with the band members since the beginning. He left the band after the release of their first CD and embarked on his solo career, which brought him remarkable success. Sammy Hagar took the place of Roth and produced number of hits for the band as a lead singer. Roth briefly joined his former band mates in 1996-97 MTV music awards. He left them for the second time, only to join them back in 2006-07 in a joint tour. This re-union is supposed to be Roth’s forth homecoming since 1984.

The video on the website of Van Halen and David Roth’s personal website is different. On Roth’s site the band is seen performing at Roxy theaters for a brand new song. The exact dates for the tour are not known, but it has been confirmed that tickets will be going on sale from January 10.  The band is said to have recorded a new album with Roth, which will be David first recording with the group since his breakup in 1983. It will also mark Van Halen’s first album after a gap if 13 years. Their last album was Van-Halen III which was recorded in 1998.

Van Halen is one of the most successful and well known rock bands of nation and a reunion is sure to kindle excitement among fans of this band, who will be turning 40 in the coming year.

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