Guitar lessons for beginnersFind the Best Online Guitar Lessons for Beginners

Find the Best Online Guitar Lessons for Beginners
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play_guitarI have been playing guitar for over 20 years now and one question I often get asked is, where do I get guitar lessons, particularly online guitar lessons for beginners?

When I started out to learn to play the guitar I had to primarily teach myself how to play and eventually figure out where I could get guitar lessons.

My mother, played in a band while in college, and she was able to show me basic chords and teach me a few things before I could actually take guitar lessons from a professional.

There was a lot of trial and error, and I would try to learn what I could by listening to bands that I liked and copy what they were doing.

Now this is not an easy way to learn to play the guitar, you can’t see what they are playing or what chords they are using. When I first started playing guitar, you could go the music store and buy some guitar lesson books to get you started, however they were hard to understand and slow to work with.

So when I’m asked where should I get guitar lessons? Here are some of your options. You can get books from the music store, or you can take lessons at your music store,or you can hire a private teacher. However I feel one of the best ways to get started today is to learn from video lessons particularly when looking for online guitar lessons for beginners.

One of the great advantages with video guitar lessons is being able to see and easily replicate what you’re being taught on the computer screen or television. This provides a much better understanding of what you are doing on the guitar and makes for a much faster learning experience.

There are many benefits from using video to learn to play the guitar particularly if you’re looking at online guitar lessons for beginners. Here are just a few:

1. Learn the privacy of your own home
2. The speed at which you learn will be up to you
3. Actually see what’s being played
4. Much, much easier to understand when visually seen
5. Hearing and being able to mimic what you’re being taught is much easier via video
6. Stopping and rewinding, all is provided when you need it
7. The ability to replay your lesson can be extremely useful
8. Guitar playing with video is much easier and comes more quickly when you’re starting correctly to begin with
9. With video lessons you will quickly learn the instrument
10. You’ll be ready to play with your friends much faster than you think by using video online guitar lessons for beginners

How do I find video online guitar lessons for beginners and how do I know which ones are good?

Well you can search the Internet for a good video training course just be aware there are lot’s of poor courses that only teach the basics and are hard to learn with.


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