Guitar lessons for beginnersGuitar Beginner Scales – 3 Tips to Start Playing Scales

Guitar Beginner Scales – 3 Tips to Start Playing Scales
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If you want to be a guitar player, you NEED to learn to play guitar beginner scales.

It’s a fact: rhythm games like Guitar Hero and Rock Band are taking over the world, giving today’s youth a brand new respect for the classic rock music of old, and giving them the inspiration to pick up instruments themselves. Many new shredders-to-be get started with guitar tabs, but as time goes on, they find wondering how to REALLY┬áplay the guitar. How to improvise, play crazy solos, and so on and so forth. The key is in the scales.

The idea of scales falls in tandem with the concept of music theory, and the idea of learning either of those things is not very appealing to most young rockers. As a result, they become complacent with power chords and memorizing guitar tabs, unable to improvise or begin song-writing on their own.

Guitar beginner scales can be quite difficult to grasp a hold of, but if you follow these 3 simple tips, you will be well on your way to head-banging your way to rock-stardom!

1. It is essential that you don’t push yourself too hard!┬áStart slow. Hendrix didn’t become a rock god his first time on the instrument (heck, he even had to re-string the thing to suit his left-handed playing style). Don’t expect your hands to magically fly across the frets. Take it slow, memorizing frets and finger positioning in the process. If you happen to have an audio program that can slow audio files down without changing the pitch in the process, go ahead and use that to make playing along with songs much more simple!

2. Take scales one step at a time. Do not attempt to learn several at once. Instead, focus on a particular song with a particular scale, and practice practice PRACTICE until you nail it! Repetition is key to memorization and building skill.

3. Learn the terminology before you start trying to tackle scales. If words like “key” and “pinch harmonics” are foreign concepts to you, change that. Most guides and guitar-focused websites are heavy on terminology, and some often assume that you know what the terminology is beforehand! Learn the terms, learn the instrument!

These are just a few simple tips to get you started learning guitar beginner scales. Good luck, and happy shredding!

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