Guitar lessons for beginnersHow To Learn Guitar Scales Fast And Easy?

How To Learn Guitar Scales Fast And Easy?
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playguitarDominating guitar scales in a fluid, effortless and musical way improves the guitar soloing enormously. But for many beginner players, it is a dream to see all the scales over the fretboard without having to think. This is why guitar fanatics look for an organized, effective and proven system for learning the guitar scales.

If you want to solo musically, fluidly, all over the fretboard, then you should be familiar with the difficulties of learning the guitar scales. Almost everyone willing to learn guitar scales struggles with these problems at some stage. Be sure that you are not the only one. Here are some of the common problems when learning the guitar scales.

There are huge numbers of scales that you could learn which makes learning the scales an overwhelming process. It is sometimes hard to even know where to start from.
The feeling of frustration when learning guitar scales may cause you feel less enthusiastic about your guitar practice. In the beginning you just struggle with using scales in a musical way.
The visualization of scales over the entire fretboard can be really frustrating and gives the feeling like you are locked into one part pf the fretboard when you solo.
Playing the scales without truly hearing them can lead to a very unmusical and mechanical style of soloing. Usually the players havent totally internalized the sounds of the scales that they use.
Many guitarists make the mistake of seeing the scales as patterns not notes without totally being aware of what notes are used in the scales. The advantage of knowing the notes of a scale is that you can easily understand where to use the scale when you are improvising.
Struggling with moving fluidly between different parts of the fretboard can lead to a very rigid, disjointed and unmusical soloing style. The beginners usually struggle with applying scales in real life playing situations.

To get the essential mastery skills which leads to complete scale mastery, it is vital to develop the skills of using ears, eyes, fingers and intellect all at the same time. Your ears will tell you exactly what each note of the scale sounds like and your eyes will get you the ability to visualize the scale over the entire fretboard without the need to think.

You will be able to play guitar scales from any note, any position and any string with your fingers. And it is your intellect which will help you comprehend the scale as a whole with the notes, scale degrees and understanding of where the scale can be used. You will learn guitar scales as a whole with all details.

After all that now you need one more thing which is the ability to actually use the scale in a musical manner which is the application. If one of these factors are missing, then you dont really know the scale fully.

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