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Learn Guitar Solo Without The Bad Habits
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soloSo you want to learn guitar solo? In the words of one fairly well known TV presenter with a penchant for fast cars and a complete lack of subtlety, ‘how hard can it be? ‘ The truth is that playing a guitar is easy. Unfortunately the truth is that playing a guitar is also very difficult. Let me explain that somewhat contradictory introduction.

The thing is that learning a guitar can be fairly easy, if all you want to do is to churn out a few popular tunes with your friends at home. If you want to learn to play guitar then you only actually need to learn a few basic chords. In fact it’s quite surprising to many people just how many popular, well known tunes and songs can be learned without having to know more than a half dozen or so main chords. If you can learn half a dozen chords you’ll be up and running, (or up and strumming), and if you can learn a dozen chords then a whole wealth of songs will be within your grasp.

If you have what it takes to pick up eighteen chords then there really won’t be many songs that you won’t be able to have a crack at, which will be more than enough for many people. If you just want to have fun, strum a few popular tunes at home and keep your guitar playing at about that level, then this is fine. However, if you have dreams of playing in a band, or performing on stage, then you will need to learn guitar solo playing.

This will inevitably require you to learn more about playing guitar than just remembering a few popular chords. What will have to happen at some point is that you will need to learn guitar tabs, as well as learning better techniques for playing, more effective ways to achieve certain effects and better ways of changing chords, or managing difficult chord combinations. There are really two ways to accomplish this. Either you can hire a guitar teacher to teach you how to play guitar properly, or you could head online and have a look at the many thousands of guitar instruction videos available.

The problem with the first option is that this can become extremely expensive. Guitar lessons may well cost twenty pounds or more for a single lesson. This can easily add up to a hundred pounds or so every month, which for many people learning to play guitar is just not a viable option. There’s a problem with the second option too though, because although there are many guitar instructional videos online, many of them have been produced by people with little or no professional experience of playing guitar. For those people learning to play guitar this can be difficult, because it’s easy to pick up on bad habits or integrate poor advice into your playing. So what’s the answer?

If you’re serious about trying to learn guitar solo pieces and really want to take your guitar playing to a higher level then there is a good way to combine the advantage of having your own guitar teacher without the cost, as well as benefitting from online guitar instructional videos without the danger of picking up on bad advice or poor techniques. The answer is to visit a specialist guitar video repository, where you can find a wealth of guitar instructional videos produced by professional, experienced guitarists, helping you learn guitar solo pieces without having to pay a penny, and without worrying about the quality of the tuition.

If you’re serious about trying to learn guitar solo pieces then visit where you can find a huge library of professional guitar instructional videos for free.

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