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Gypsy Jazz guitar is a style often said to have been founded by Django Reinhardt in the 1930’s.

Reinhardt was known for his very original sound and touch on the acoustic guitar, combining a dark but yet romantic Gypsy flavor with the swing style of the period. His approach continues to form the basis for contemporary gypsy jazz guitar with players such as Bireli Lagrene, Stochelo Rosenberg and Angelo Debarre. Reinhardt’s most famous group, the Quintette du Hot Club de France (QHDF) also brought fame to legendary jazz violinist Stephane Grapelli

The original QHDF played acoustically without a drummer, using the acoustic guitar and the violin as lead instruments. The rhythm guitar was using a distinct percussive technique, “la pompe”, that essentially replaces the drums. Most gypsy jazz guitarists, lead and rhythm, play a version of the Selmer/Maccaferri guitar design favored by Reinhardt himself.  The percussive rhythmic strumming is what gives the music its fast swinging feel.

Lead playing in this style is mainly based on ornamented arpeggios with chromaticism. Other decorations include tremolo, trills, string bends, harmonics, octaves and double stops. There’s also a specific way of using the pick within this style often called gypsy picking.

Notes on the same string are played alternately but when moving from string to string the same direction will be maintained, using rest strokes.  For instance, on switching from the G to the B string, the plectrum will move in the same direction and come to rest on the E string. This technique enhances volume and sometimes the speed.

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Gypsy jazz has its own set of frequently played tunes, some are old jazz standards, Reinhardt originals, gypsy traditional’s or french chanson’s.  However, contemporary ensembles may adapt almost any type of song to the style.

Except for all the immortal albums of Django Reinhardt, there are a few other artists/albums that i find really worth checking out:

Routes to Django & Swing ’81. These are the two first Bireli Lagrene albums, recorded when he was 13 and 15 years old respectively. Wonderful playing that really has stood the test of time. Probably the most talented prodigy in the history of guitar.

Gypsy Project & Live in Vienne (DVD). On these fantastic recordings Bireli Lagrene returns to his gypsy jazz roots. After 20 years of experimenting with jazz and fusion, he decided to make a few albums taking Django’s style and sound further into the 21st century.

SERESTA.  A fantastic recording that made the Rosenberg trio one of the major names with in the genre. Stochelo Rosenberg’s characteristic lead guitar style in the Dutch school has made a huge impact on guitarists all over the world and the cover of Dorado Schmitt’s ”Bossa Dorado” became a radio hit.

GYPSY GUITARS. The first recording from Angelo Debarre, one of the most personal and unique voices on the gypsy guitar scene. Together with his trio, he performs a number of standards and gypsy folk tunes. This is an album that every lover of this style of music will cherish.

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