Guitar lessons for beginnersMaster and Learn Guitar – How to Buy the Right Guitar Pick For Your Style of Playing Guitar

Master and Learn Guitar – How to Buy the Right Guitar Pick For Your Style of Playing Guitar
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An important process in developing your right-hand technique is developing you’re picking style. In order to do this, you need to have the right guitar pick for your right-hand to hold that will allow you to perfect your right-hand picking technique. Although it may be a small part about learning how to master and learn guitar; it is very important to find the right guitar pick for your style of playing.

There are many different styles, shapes, and colors that you can choose from when purchasing a guitar pick. The question you need to ask yourself which style of pick is best for you?

1. Types of Guitar Picks:  There are many different kinds of picks that you can choose from. The four most common kind of guitar picks are the regular picks, thumb pick, diamond pick, growing your right-hand nails, and jumbo picks. Jumbo picks are just like regular picks except much larger.

2. The Fine Art Of Picking:  The regular pick is the most common of all the guitar picks and is the one that is generally recommended to start out with. If you are learning specific styles of guitar, that is when you will choose to play with one of the other three kinds of guitar picks. Thumb picks are generally used for country music and bluegrass styles of guitar. The diamond picks are used quite a bit for jazz soloing. The most natural of all guitar picks are the nails on your fingers. Many guitar players will grow there right nails long in order to play classical, flamenco, and what is known in the jazz world as jazz guitar comping.

3. Pick  Thickness:  When you go to the music store and ask to see all the guitar picks on display you will be amazed by all of the different thicknesses of picks. There are super duper thick picks, and really thin almost paper like picks. Many beginner guitar players will tend to gravitate towards a thin pick. If you are wanting to master and learn guitar you will want to pick a medium light to medium gauge guitar pick to start out with. If you’re desiring to learn super fast scales than the diamond pick is great to learn on. Although clunky feeling at first; once the diamond pick is mastered your scale speed will go out the roof. Chords on the other hand tend to not play very well due to the thickness of the diamond pick. The advantages to play with the medium light pick is that it combines the softness required for nice-sounding chords and the firmness required for guitar soloing. The choice however is still yours.

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